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      FlexBlow and FlexBlow Hybrid

      We offer universal blowers with variable production speeds that are designed for ultra flexible bottle production with necks ranging from 18 mm narrow neck bottles to 120 mm wide mouth jars. Our machines enable the production of hot-fill bottles and oval containers.

      FlexBlow1 (for prototyping)

      This is a single cavity prototyping machine for sampling and small production runs.


      Greatest format (neck and mould change) flexibility in 2-4 cavities production.

      FlexBlow Hybrid

      Greatest mould change flexibility and production efficiency in 4-8 cavities production.

      Distinctive Solutions

      After conducting an in-depth market research and hearing the industry’s needs we developed technology that answers to all requirements shaped by our own customers. We have realized that there is a need for PET blowers with more and more flexibility that enable PET bottle production in small quantities. This helped us to shape our business strategy that lead to building FlexBlow – PET stretch blow moulder with unprecedented versatility in a 2-stage machine.

      Economical Solutions

      In our machines we use standard components made by reputable companies recognised worldwide that guarantee not only smooth performance, but also straightforward maintenance and optimal price.

      Environmentaly Friendly

      Constant development empowers us to offer solutions that enable the production of ultra-light bottles, thus saving resin, transportation and recycling costs. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to produce preforms from recycled matterials.

      Non-Standard Solutions

      We design and build customized PET blowing machines according to specific custoemers‘ needs that competition is not able to fulfil. We also specialize in manufacturing unique preforms at optimal cost.

      Flexibility Oriented to Customers

      We always find solutions that work for all parties – our client and us. It does not matter whether it has to do with technological possibilities, lead time or financing conditions – we will most definitely common ground.

      Complete Supplier

      We offer complete solutions related to PET packaging starting with creative individual design development, mould manufacturing, bottle production, preform injecting, laboratory testing to PET blowing machines.

      High Quality Standards

      Long time experience in the industry and stable growth lead to introducing and using worldwide recognized quality standards in all our processes. What is more, having the whole infrastructure under 1 roof we guarantee strict quality control.

      About FlexBlow

      „Finally somebody has thought through everything in a PET machine“ – quote from the UK customer, K Show, Dusseldorf 2016.

      Flexibility is key in the company’s management philosophy. According to company‘s founders, hearing customer’s needs and offering individual solution for particular case is fundamental factor for success. Even though market leaders often dictate the conditions that customers are forced to adapt to, TEREKAS has an adaptive attitude towards non-standard situations and always looks for solutions satisfactory for all parties.

      FlexBlow was launched as a response to market’s need and immediately became a breakthrough which lead to an increasing number of different models and continuous technological advancement to please even the pickiest customers.


      All our products meet the highest globally recognized quality standards. On top of that we use customized business standardization procedures that enable us to assure continuous improvement, repeatable processes and Customer’s satisfaction.

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