Wraparound PET bottle handle

with oriented neck

Maple syrup bottling company that aimed to reduce bottle weight by changing the material from glass to PET.
Develop square shaped bottle with wraparound handle oriented the opposite way from flip-top cap nozzle.
⦁ Achieve sturdy handle feeling for stable bottle handling
⦁ Ensure correct handle orientation and perfect bottle position for labelin
⦁ Guarantee cap orientation
⦁ External preform diameter was designed to match the internal wraparound handle dimension precisely. Bottle shoulder below the support ring was developed to accommodate the handle accurately.
⦁ Orientation notch on the bottle base was formed for both: handle orientation and labeling.
⦁ Servo driven neck orientation with high speed camera was used to align preform neck detail to bottle body.
TECHNOLOGY USED: FlexBlow2 with neck orientation.

“Handles vary significantly in terms of application methods, the way they look on the bottle, the way they ease bottle handling and products they are used for…”

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