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Water cooler PET bottle

One-way bottle

“Standard water cooler bottles are rather large and heavy, therefore handling them requires physical strength meaning that not everyone is able to carry them. Returnable cooler bottles could also be inconvenient to use due to the need to be collected and return after usage”


PVC water cooler bottle producer that wanted to simplify the logistics by introducing one-way cooler bottle.


Help customer develop a non-returnable water cooler bottle that would be inexpensive to produce and be a quality substitute for the original PVC bottle.


⦁ Design the bottle in a way that it would not collapse when the water is poured out and the vacuum occurs
• Make sure the bottle neck is compatible with standard water cooler intake hole
• Achieve light-weight container to make the change economically viable


⦁ Series of pineapple skin-like ridges were introduced to cover the whole bottle body for extra rigidity and support.
• Specialized cap to fit standard preform neck and suit water coolers: with the sealed hole in the center was found
• Standard 48 mm neck preform was chosen for optimal weight


FlexBlow3 XL with the possibility to produce 10 L bottles on 2 cavities.

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