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FlexBlow plant runs on 100% renewable energy!

Industrial machines in PET segment consume significant amount of electricity for both processes: machine assembly and final PET bottle production. Meanwhile PET is considered one of the most environmentally friendly plastics due to its recyclability, electricity used to produce PET products remains a concern. Aiming to reduce their carbon footprint plastic machine producers and converters keep investing in becoming more sustainable.

Company situated by the Baltic Sea in Lithuania – FlexBlow – position themselves as the versatile 2-stage SBM machine producer. With the newest trend of businesses paying more attention to contributing to environment, company management has recently made a political decision to switch their power supply to 100% renewable electricity.

Now the complete machine assembly plant is run on renewable electricity at FlexBlow and every newly built machine is assembled by using energy made from renewable sources in Kretinga, Lithuania. “Shifting to 100% renewable energy is part of our endeavor for sustainable growth and development”, Gintautas Maksvytis – FlexBlow CEO explains.

Aiming to be an example not only to business partners, but also for their customers, FlexBlow claims to have installed their first machine powered fully by the solar panels at the customer’s bottling plant in Denmark.  “We are proud of our team who executed that task with passion and precision”, G. Maksvytis adds. “We immediately noticed positive reaction from our customers who are interested in renewable products and received support from partners, suppliers and community.”