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      PP made in 2 stages

      As an alternative to glass

      “Sometimes it might be challenging to replace glass container with the plastic one, especially when heat resistance properties are needed. Fortunately, PP is highly heat resistant material and PP containers can be shaped by using the 2-stage stretch blow moulding process – by reheating the preform.”


      The largest memorial candle producer in the Baltic States.


      Help the customer develop candle pot that would be safer and cheaper to transport compared to existing glass pot.


      ⦁ Develop container that would be 5 times lighter than original to cut transportation costs
      • Achieve container with heat resistant properties to withstand flame
      • Make container shatterproof
      • Adapt the new container to the existing filling line by retaining neck standard
      • Achieve possibility to choose different colors


      ⦁ Plastic container was chosen for development to achieve lightness
      • Use PP material for the best heat resisting properties
      • Develop customized preform to match original glass neck
      • Use high-quality color batch to produce coloured preforms


      FlexBlow6-4 with extended oven for PP containers.

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