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We offer the widest range of preforms in the market: standard and custom design.

Global preform supplier network

We have partners who manufacture preforms in every continent in the world and can work with them to find preforms that suit your needs best. 

Convenient guidance

Looking for different preform suppliers to find the most suitable PET preform could be challenging time-wise, therefore we offer the easier way for our clients and point them to the suppliers that can answer their needs.





Customized Preforms

In case standard preform is not available for your project, the network of our partners is ready to support you with designing and producing custom preforms. We will help you find the custom preform supplier no matter what your project needs are when it comes to bespoke neck standard, weight, color, barrier properties or geometry.


Preform Samples

Please inquire to get a proposal for the solution to source custom PET preform samples for your project.

Engineering Services

One preform is not suitable for every bottle. For optimal stretch ratio PET preform geometry needs to be compatible with bottle dimensions. This is specifically relevant in case top bottle quality is the goal, and sometimes preform (re)engineering is needed. We have partners who will be eager to help you with achieving that ambitious result.

Preform Stretch Calculator

By the use of PET prefrom stretchin simulation software we determine potential risks that can occur when stretching the bottle. This way before investing in the injection mould we have a possibility to create a virtual quality profile of the blown bottle according to which we can alter the preform or bottle drawing, if needed.

If You have any questions, please contact us!

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