PET Jerrycan

as an alternative to HDPE

HPP juice producer from Ireland that used to buy costly HDPE canisters from overseas for 5 L bottling.
Help the customer cut the 5 L container cost and enable the bottle production on existing PET blowing equipment.
• Achieve HDPE canister-like rectangular bottle shape
• Retain overall container rigidity
• Apply convenient handle solution for pouring the liquid out
• Keep the same barrier properties
• Bottle shape was designed according to standard 5 L jerry can geometry and preform was produced according to stretching parameters
• Sufficient number of support ribs was foreseen
• Easy-to-apply push on handle was used for convenient bottle handling
• Colored PET used to increase daylight barrier properties
TECHNOLOGY USED: FlexBlow2 with single activated cavity for large size bottle production.

“Even though PET is normally not used for aggressive chemicals, it is compatible with a broad range of detergents like cleaning solutions, screen wash liquids and other substances”

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