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PET Jerrycan

as an alternative to HDPE

“There is a trend on the market that more and more EBM producers switch to PET container production for a number of reasons. PET jerry cans can be made to perfelty resemble HDPE bottle geometry and height. Added support ribs increase the bottle rigidity and impact resistance.”


HPP juice producer from Ireland that used to buy costly HDPE canisters from overseas for 5 L bottling.


Help the customer cut the 5 L container cost and enable the bottle production on existing PET blowing equipment.


⦁ Achieve HDPE canister-like rectangular bottle shape
• Retain overall container rigidity
• Apply convenient handle solution for pouring the liquid out
• Keep the same barrier properties


⦁ Bottle shape was designed according to standard 5 L jerry can geometry and preform was produced according to stretching parameters
• Sufficient number of support ribs was foreseen
• Easy-to-apply push on handle was used for convenient bottle handling
• Colored PET used to increase daylight barrier properties


FlexBlow2 with single activated cavity for large size bottle production.

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