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      PET jar

      Glass alternative


      One of the largest herring producers in the Baltic States that traditionally used glass jars for pickling.


      Help the customer develop light-weight container for herring, suitable for export.


      ⦁ Make the jar neck compatible with standard aluminium cap
      • Come up with jar design that would seem like glass
      • Ensure that oily marinade does not leak from the inside


      ⦁ Customized preform with glass-like neck was engineered
      • A number of different jar visualizations were produced and the customer chose the best design for them
      • Induction sealing was proposed as an added safety measure



      Why choose PET over Glass?

      The debate regarding what type of material is best used for bottling has been on for a while now. Even though glass has its own benefits, PET seems to be taking more and more market share lately for a number of reasons.

      PET advantages over Glass:

      • Recyclability. PET is 100% recyclable and is considered the most environmentally friendly type of plastic;
      • Transportation costs. PET is 80% lighter than glass and therefore helps cut transportation cost due tojload weight;
      • Environmental contribution. Smaller fuel consumption during transportation means smaller CO2 emissions;
      • Weight. PET is not only more convenient to transport, but also to handle and store.
      • Durability. PET containers are reliable and have high impact resistance – bottles do not break when dropped.
      • Safety. Due to resistance to impact PET is shatter proof and guarantees completely shard free product.

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