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      Industry 4.0 solutions – FlexBlow Eco System

      At FlexBlow we continuously look for and implement the latest indusrty 4.0 solutions. 

      Virtual Simulation

      We offer the possibility to experience the equipment layout and operation in virtual reality: on your mobile device or computer.

      Self-service interface

      With the use of virtual reality glasses we offer the possibility to service our equipment self sufficiently in real-time communication with our engineers.

      3D Metal Printing

      With our latest metal 3D printer we manufacture our metal parts independently from the third party suppliers: we are able to predict to the upcoming maintenance need and prepare for it accordingly by printing the spare part requirement.

      Format learning

      FlexBlow learns different bottle format blowing parameters and makes the production repeatable and adaptive to changing environment.

      Auto quality control

      We will have implicated fully automated quality control systems within our PET bottle production lines by end of 2019. Blowing machine in real-time contact with quality checking system will respond to the quality discrepancies immediately. 

      Open Source Parts

      By using standard components to build our machines we guarantee fast and efficient spare part supply – possible to order immediately through the blowing machine control panel.

      Integration to Periphery

      FlexBlow is compatibe with auxiliary equipment with the latest programmable Siemens control panel. 

      Unparalleled Flexibility

      FlexBlow’s aim to sustain the highest versatility on the market leads to industry 4.0 solutions established specifically for flexible production.

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