Hot fill re-engineering

square bottle

Maple syrup producer from Canada who had a locally developed hot fill bottle that did not keep the original shape after filling.
Help the customer improve the existing hot-fil preform and bottle to guarantee reliable filing process repeatability.
• Achieve reliable square shaped hot-fill bottle
• Retain bottle geometry after filling 85° heated maple syrup
• Ensure bottle base stability
• Guarantee optimal bottle weight distribution
• Support ribs were deepened and sharpened to increase bottle rigidity
• High quality hot fill PET resin was used for preform injection to achieve high cristalinity
• Bottle base was re-engineered with higher definition collapsible spots to absorb vacuuming impact.
• Preform geometry was redesigned to perfectly match bottle parameters according to stretch ratios
TECHNOLOGY USED: FlexBlow2 with heated moulds and special stretch rods.

“Hot fill PET bottles are used for a number of different products that require pasteurizing, including juices, syrups, sauces and other foods. Hot filling eliminates the need of preservatives, while preserving ambient temperature shelf life of 6–12 months”

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