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HDPE bottle conversion to PET


Famous electronic appliance producer for their off-centered neck oval-shaped trigger spray bottle.


Help the customer increase chemical resistance by replicating their HDPE bottle in PET.


⦁ Achieve complicated geometry with sharp edges
⦁ Achieve matching color and guarantee its consistency
⦁ Ensure even bottle weight distribution with off-centered neck
⦁ Optimize the bottle weight to increase eco-friendliness
⦁ Guarantee stable bottle base to avoid rocking effect


⦁ Bottle drawing was developed by our engineering team to match preform stretch ratios
⦁ Custom masterbatch was created
⦁ Comprehensive preferential heating was used for weight distribution consistency
⦁ Smaller neck size was chosen to cut down the bottle weight: 28 mm instead of 38 mm
⦁ Additional bottle base cooling was used to stabilize it after blowing


FlexBlow2 with preferential heating.

PET advantages over Other Plastics

PET is choosen by extrusion blow moulders over other plastics due to these reasons:

  • 30% lower producing cost;
  • 4 times higher production capacity;
  • 15% cheaper to recycle;
  • Better impact resistance;
  • Better resistance to UV aging;
  • Better resistance to thermal aging;
  • Better strength under cold conditions;
  • PET fibres are bulkier than PP fibres;
  • Most commonly used on the market.

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