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      While many competitors produce moulds, we provide total solution: from design to bottle prototypes and mould start-up.

      Manufacturing Technology

      We offer blow moulds for all types of plastic contaienrs: PET, PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE, etc. We manufacture moulds for most types of linear and rotary blowing and extrusion machines.

      Sophisticated 5 axis technology

      Precision equipment

      Comprehensive testing

      Made in European Union

      Our blow moulds are reliable and meet EU standards

      Precision Equipment

      5-axes vertical milling machines are top-range

      Qualified Engineering

      Experienced team of engineers



      We manufacture moulds according to any producer’s drawings

      Individual design

      We help to develop brand new designs form idea to blown bottle


      Manufactured from high-grade metals

      Made and tested under 1 roof

      We guarantee quality from concept to final product

      Various sizes

      Our moulds are from 10 ml to 40 L in volume

      Mould Making

      Highest precision and safety is guaranteed by the use of the latest 5-axis milling machines that we always acquire in sets of 2 to be able to jump between machines to avoid any downtime in case of stoppages. We also use 3-axis milling machines to make blow mould bases.

      Advantage in the market

      One of the greatest advantages of our blow moulds is actual experience. No other mould maker has actual PET container manufacturing experience.

      Mould testing

      In our PET testing lab which is the most modern laboratory in the Baltic States we use a coordinate testing equipment with precision of 0.001 mm. All moulds are tested before they are used to produce bottle samples to make sure that the mould is made precisely according to technical drawing.

      Testing and sampling

      After making sure that the moulds fully correspond to technical drawings we mount them to the universal PET blower FlexBlow that we use for bottle sample production from the suitable preform. Blown bottles are tested in the same laboratory where weight distribution is measured, top-load and vacuum chamber tests are executed before an in-depth report is populated.

      Blow mould manufacturing

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