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FlexBlow PET stretch-blowers are not only highly versatile, but also have quick bottle format change feature.

The Premium Design

We offer modern FlexBlow exterior design that has already been globally recognized and according to our clients it helps them get the business not only because of quality bottle production, but also due to great looks that adds charm to production site.

PET Blowmoulders specifications

Highest Flexibility

One machine for wide-mouth jars and narrow neck bottles


Quick Mould Change

The fastest mould change in the industry

All Electric

Since 2007

Preferential heating

Ideal for oval or asymmetric containers

Quick Neck Change

Simplified solution at low cost

Open Architecture

Built using quality standard components


Neck Orientation

Guarantees alignment of neck detail to body

Competitor mould compatible

All moulds can be adapted


FlexBlow and FlexBlow Hybrid

We offer universal blowers with variable production speeds that are designed for ultra flexible bottle production with necks ranging from 18 mm narrow neck bottles to 120 mm wide mouth jars. Our machines enable the production of hot-fill bottles and oval containers.

FlexBlow1 (Lab Machine)

This is a single cavity prototyping machine for the most versatile PET bottle production.


Greatest format (neck and mould change) flexibility in 2-4 cavities production.

FlexBlow Hybrid

Greatest mould change flexibility and production efficiency in 4-8 cavities production.

FlexBlow Machine Range

FlexBlow possibilities

FlexBlow is not only versatile, but also has ultra-fast bottle format change feature. Changing moulds only takes 5-10 minutes, and complete format changeover including neck, mould and start-up takes as little as 30 minutes on a 2 cavity machine.


More Working Hours

Components of the leading manufacturers in the industry and simplified construction solutions result in longer life-span and lower wear-out cost of the machinery.

Low Cost Maintenance

Maintenance and spare part cost for FlexBlow series machines are among the lowest in the European market. Expenses saved throughout the lifespan of the machinery contribute to the profitability of our customers.

Higher Efficiency

Automatic air recovery system TER® saves compressor energy. High pressure air is accumulated and returned to the low pressure system. Smaller compressors are needed, for that matter.


Orientation to Market

Additional FlexBlow blow moulders can be added to the bottling line in case a bigger output is needed. FlexBlow Multi solution optimizes the return on investment.

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