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      100% rPET bottle

      “Recycled PET is fast becoming the new standard in a whole new generation of responsible PET bottle packaging”


      Water bottling company that uses 73g preforms to produce 6 L bottles with 38 mm necks.


      Help customer become more environmentally friendly by introducing rPET.


      ⦁ Avoid cosmetic impurities
      ⦁ Avoid chemical contamination
      ⦁ Achieve even bottle weight distribution
      ⦁ Retain drop impact resistance
      ⦁ Sustain top Load


      ⦁ Pure rPET sourced by selecting certified rPET suppliers
      ⦁ Preform carefully designed to increase process stability and retain physical properties of the bottle
      ⦁ Quality color added to tone the preform and achieve virgin PET-like appearance
      ⦁ In-house injection machines used for complete control of rPET preform injection process



      Why rPET?

      rPET is a proven material in the food packaging industry and is fast becoming the new standard in a whole new generation of responsible PET bottle packaging, helping businesses to meet their sustainability objectives.

      rPET benefits:

      • For every tonne of rPET produced 1.5 tonnes of CO2 is saved;
      • The product is completely recyclabl;
      • rPET has a lower carbon footprint than virgin PET;
      • PET (including recycled PET) is lightweight compared to other packaging, for example it is up to 85% lighter than glass. This helps cut transportation costs, in-turn lowering CO2 emissions;
      • Recycled PET bottles are shatterproof, providing safety and hygiene in the logistical chain, retail environments and the home;
      • Recycled PET is absolutely safe to be used in food and beverage packaging It converts post-consumer waste into a valuable resource;
      • rPET can replace all or a proportion of virgin polymer in new packaging products;
      • The product helps businesses and organizations deliver on corporate sustainability goals;
      • Many major brands worldwide are committed to using recycled PET to reduce the carbon footprint of their drink products;
      • These brands are setting the standard for a future where recycled PET is routinely included in drinks packaging.

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